Our commitment to you,

Please ensure that you read through the terms of sale between you (our customer) and us (Chester Remapping Limited). From here on Chester Remapping and their responsibilities will be referred to as ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ and you the customer and your responsibilities as ‘you’ or ‘your’.  

Our ECU Remapping service is fully safe but is dependent on your vehicle to be in full operating order and within the manufacturer standard tolerances. If the hardware (engine, parts and components) on the vehicle are not working within the expected tolerances then remapping the vehicle could cause damage to said hardware. When we carry out our remapping service, we take the vehicle on face value that it is in good working order, if you know otherwise then please inform us. 

We perform DTC / engine fault code checks on the vehicle to assess it more in-depth prior to remapping it and always perform fault code analysis prior to any work being carried out. If you decide you don’t want the map anymore (once sent to be written) or your vehicle doesn’t respond as expected with the remap we’ll give a partial refund and put your vehicle back to the settings it had before the remap. The refund will exclude our installation charge* 

We offer a full lifetime warranty on any work carried out including the map. We offer NO warranty on ANY mechanical or electrical parts, wires or sensors. The remap is carried out entirely at the owner’s risk and consent. You understand the potential risks involved with remapping and are happy to proceed. You have read the terms and conditions below and agree to them. You are aware of the MOT & amp; Government restrictions of any emissions bypass control software and that it can ONLY be used for off-road / Motorsport use (not for road use). 


The Client Must Agree: 

i) All power/torque gains from your ECU remap are approximate as performance is lost over time and components perform differently depending on many factors including age and manufacturing issues. 

ii) The fuel efficiency of your vehicle after a remap depends on several factors including but not limited to outside temperature, driving style, tyre pressures, mileage, the weight carried by the vehicle and regular and correct service maintenance of your vehicle. 

iii) We’re not liable for costs associated to fix either present or pending faults found relating to your vehicle during its diagnostic check either before or after you have your vehicle remapped. Nor are we liable for any mechanical faults that arise after the map. However we may be able to resolve some minor faults prior or post remap at an extra charge, ask for details.

iv) Although Eco, Eco/Stage 1, Stage1 and Stage 1+ are within stock tolerances, the extra power will hasten mechanical components life expectancy and near end of life components could be exposed potentially failing immediately or in the near future. If your car is regularly serviced and MOT’d this substantially reduces the likelihood of any mechanical failures. 

v) We will not test the car above the legal speed limit on public roads and therefore are unable to confirm any performance related times. 

vi) Remapping could void all warranties with the vehicle manufacture. 

vii) Any emissions bypass control software such as DECAT, DPF, GPF, EGR delete is taken entirely at the owner’s risk with regards to MOT’s 

viii) By installing these products and/or services, you understand and agree that as performance products and/or services, individual results may vary depending on make, model, age, engine health and usage of the vehicle. 

ix) Chester Remapping shall in no way be held liable for any performance results or any engine faults, claimed or otherwise, immediately or at a later date.

x) As part of the test drive we aim to ensure that your car has responded well to the remap and ensure that the new settings have not caused any faults with your vehicle. 

xi) Once the test drive is completed and we or you have left we will not travel to your location, we require clients to bring the vehicle back to us, where possible, should there be an issue after the work has been completed. 

xii) We may ask you to have your vehicle diagnosed by a third-party mechanic to independently verify any issues and if this is the case, these additional fees will not be covered by ourselves. But we ask that you contact us first before paying other companies to check the vehicle over. 

xiii) If your car is diagnosed with a mechanical fault we can remove the remap for you, no refunds will be given for this. You must return the car to us. We can re-install the performance map for you once the car is fixed, however we may charge for this depending on how much time is required to re-install the remap.

xiv) Chester Remapping do not accept any liability for any bills or loss of earnings.

xv) Some cars have already been tuned. Customers are unaware of this and come to us with performance issues. We have overwritten existing tuned files that have been poorly tuned by other companies and there has been a marked improvement. We will always honestly discuss this with you and give you the option. We will never install a file in this instance without your consent. 

xvi) Many vehicles are Virtual Reads. This means that the file taken from the car for remapping does not contain the current ECU data. A Virtual Read is the Original Stock File, as it would have been from the manufacturer.

For example: a car has had an EGR delete previously done that the current owner does not know about so does not inform us. The car is Virtual Read only. The existing EGR delete will not be on the Original Stock File therefore not on the new tuned file. When the new tuned file goes on the ECU without the EGR delete EML (Engine Management Lights) lights will flash up showing EGR faults. If your vehicle is Normal Read we will always use this. If your vehicle is Virtual Read only we will always make you aware that: if the above scenario is relevant than we are not responsible. We can rectify this on the day but there will be an additional cost of £100.00

xvii) Chester Remapping may at times sub contract any mechanical works that need to be done mainly DeCats and DPF removals for off road use. With 30 years experience you are in safe hands. We will however require a £50 deposit for this.

As you can see from our reviews on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/chester.remapping/reviews/?ref=page_internal and Google, we offer a fantastic product and provide an excellent, thorough and knowledgeable service.

A trading partner of TRC http://www.theremappingcompany.co.uk/ who have over 15 years experience in engine tuning and produce our customised in house written files, we have successfully written over 250 maps to cars, vans and motorbikes. But don’t take our word for it check out our reviews.


Installation charge:

The calibration file installed on your car (min £60) PLUS 1 hour labour at £60.



We may ask you for a £50 deposit. We will do this if:

  • we travel to you and if you live further than 10 miles from us or;
  • if we are are performing CAT or DPF removals .

Deposits are non-refundable. This is to cover us for time if there is a mechanical issue with the vehicle after fault diagnosis preventing it form being mapped or for last minute cancellations. Our mappers and the mechanic are busy. Once the deposit has been taken it will be held indefinitely and refunded against any work you have carried out. We do not charge a deposit if you come to us except for DPF or CAT removals.




If the car has not responded well after the test drive we will remove the tuned file from your vehicle, replace it with its original stock file / normal read file and refund you minus our installation charge* This does not apply to vehicles that have had any mechanical processes such as DPF / EGR / DECAT / FLAPS delete process carried out or any other physical modifications, fault code or any other deletes 

If your car has already been mapped which is impossible for us to tell before we have arrived and completed 80% of the job, then a £50 fee for time and labour is due. This fee would be added to any deposit retained. This only applies if we have attended to your location.



Non payment:

i) By having the work carried out you agree to the above terms.

ii) Any persons refusing to pay, on your property, will be given 7 days by letter to make payment. Any persons refusing pay the amount owed on our property will be refused keys until payment has been satisfied.

iii) Aggressive or intimidating refusal to pay will be regarded as theft and the police called. We will pursue all non payment through the County Court.

iv) Our staff will not tolerate any abusive / threatening behaviour / words that make us feel unsafe.

v) We reserve the right to refuse service and ask for payment upfront.