Chester Remapping

Engine Performance Specialist

Mobile ECU Remapping & Performance Tuning Specialist

Chester Remapping Limited offer Mobile Performance and Eco Remapping, Hydrogen Carbon Engine Cleaning and DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Cleaning Solutions to fit your budget and requirements.  

Spread the cost with our interest-free, no credit check finance deals to get your car in top condition and not break the bank. 

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Products and Services

ECO: Save 20% on fuel costs with a diesel 5% petrol

ECO/Stage1 : average 15-20% fuel saving, extra BHP and Torque

Stage 1: average15% fuel saving with 16-80% more BHP and Torque (vehicle dependant)

Stage 1+: 10-15% on fuel and 16-50% more BHP and Torque than a stage 1, (vehicle depending)

DSG Tuning
BMW ZF8 Gearbox Tuning
Pops & Bangs petrol only (vehicle must be decatted)
Hardcut/Popcorn Limiter diesel only (vehicle must be decatted)
Immo Off if possible

Launch Control if possible

DPF Delete (vehicle must have DPF removed)
EGR Delete 
DTC Delete 
Adblue/SCR Delete
Lambda/O2 Removal
GPF/OPF Delete
Swirl Flap Delete
Speed Limit/VMAX Disable
Cold Start Noise Reduction
Hot Start Fix  

Hydrogen Carbon Engine Cleaning

DPF force regen (where suitable)

Three stage DPF foam clean + Hydrogen Carbon Clean + force regen (where suitable)

Three stage DPF clean +Hydrogen Carbon Clean (where suitable) 

Great, attentive service from Chris - he turns up on time, knows his stuff, returns phone calls and doesn’t charge the earth. Highly recommended.


Great job great prices top bloke goes out of his way to help you out would recommend 👍


I had my 2006 Audi RS4 mapped by Chester Remapping Ltd with a huge thanks to Chris really helpful and friendly. Very professional and knowledgeable in his line of work and fully recommended them and him to anyone for any car.


Great service and great results. Had my 1.5 tdci mondeo stage one tuned and it now pulls like a 2.0ltr. Thanks Chris


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