About Chester Remapping Auto Services.

We are a mobile ECU Remapping company based in Chester.

Covering all of the North West, North Wales, Cheshire East, Cheshire West, the Wirral, Frodsham, Liverpool and everywhere in between.

We offer a variety of performance ECU maps for your car or van. From Eco tuning for MPG savings to Stage 1+, pop and bangs, launch control, fault code deletes to EGR deletes. We can transform your vehicles performance and help fix any problems.

Our multi-stage DPF and carbon cleans can help reduce the soot build up in your engine. Restoring torque and horsepower. Increasing engine life. Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF’s), clog up with soot over time and need rejuvenating. From force regeneration to foam cleans we’ve got you and your vehicle covered. And restore your DPF by up to as much as 75%

Trained and supported by theremappingcompany.co.uk and Alientech EU, our fully trained technicians are safe, knowledgeable and experienced. All our ECU maps are customised in house written maps. Guaranteeing your vehicles safety, whilst delivering bespoke products at competitive prices. With outstanding customer service and great state of the art products let Chester Remapping take care of you.